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Healthcare Definition, You Can't Live Withou It.

Attacks on Health Care Bi-Monthly News Brief: 19 October – 01 November 2022 – World


SHCC Attacks on Health Care

The section aligns with the definition of attacks on health care used by the Safeguarding Health in
Conflict Coalition (SHCC).



06-09 October 2022: In Solenzo commune, Boucle du Mouhoun region, unidentified perpetrators
launched a series of attacks on health centres and NGO offices, resulting in the loss of two
ambulances, the theft of medicine and supplies, and the theft of a 4×4 vehicle from the warehouse
attached to the Medical Centre. Vandalism and theft of materials was also reported from NGO
offices. Source: OCHA

26 October 2022: In Nsongwa in Bamenda, North West region, a nurse was killed and a doctor
injured by suspected separatist fighters who opened fire on the vehicle they were travelling in.
Sources: Mimimefo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

As reported on 11 October 2022: In Rutshuru territory, North Kivu province, more than 20 health
structures are no longer functioning after March 23 rebels gained control of a number of localities in
the area. Source: Kivu Times

19-20 October 2022: In Maboya village, Beni territory, North Kivu province, a nurse was kidnapped
and seven civilians killed in an attack on Maboya Hospital by suspected ADF militants. Four buildings
were also burned down and looted. Several nurses have gone missing. Sources: Barrons, Twitter
and WikiRumours


Around 21 October 2022 : In Addi Arkay, North Gondar, Amhara region, an unspecified number of
health facilities were reportedly looted and destroyed by TPLF forces. Source: ACLED1

28 October 2022: Between Adwa and Adi Remets, Dedebit, Asgede woreda, Tigray region, a Red
Cross ambulance driver was shot and killed after the ambulance they were travelling in and
transporting injured suspected ENDF soldiers, was stopped by TPLF soldiers. The injured soldiers
were also killed. Sources: ACLED1
, AWSD2 and ICRC


25 October 2022: Between Intahaka and Gao city and region, a health worker was killed and his
motorcycle and equipment were taken by suspected IS Sahel militants. Source: ACLED1


10 October 2022: In Ntoli village, 35 km south of Nangade district headquarters, Ntoli Health Centre
was raided by armed men in an attack on the village. Several homes were destroyed and a woman
was shot and killed. Source: Cabo Ligado

10 October 2022: In Ntoli village, Nangade district, Cabo Delgado province, insurgents looted a
newly opened health centre amid a wider assault in the area. Source: Zitamar
11 October 2022: In Nangade district headquarters, four people, including a Tanzanian national,
were arrested by police on suspicion of smuggling medicines to insurgents. Source: Cabo Ligado


18 October 2022: In Lapai LGA, Niger state, an unspecified number of armed bandits invaded the
Gulu General Hospital, from where they abducted more than 20 people, including relatives of
patients, and at least 10 other health workers. Two people were killed. Source: Reuters


29 October 2022: In Mogadishu, an al Shabaab car bomb detonated near the Education Ministry,
as students lined up to collect their high school certificates. A second bomb went off as medical
teams arrived on the scene, killing at least 100 people. Sources: BBC, The Guardian and The New
York Times

25 October 2022: In an undisclosed location, two health workers were injured at a health facility.
Source: WHOSSA2


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