• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Healthcare Definition

Healthcare Definition, You Can't Live Withou It.

Bill will allow denial of your healthcare based on moral, ethical, or religious beliefs

A bill that allows healthcare providers and payors to refuse to provide healthcare services based on their subjectively held moral, ethical, or religious beliefs is moving swiftly through the legislature and will soon be headed to the governor for signature. This bill (SB 1580/HB 1403) creates a state-sanctioned license to discriminate in the provision of any healthcare service.

This bill is quite frankly shocking in its breadth and vagueness and government overreach into the private sector and regulated businesses.

In addition to allowing providers and entities to refuse to provide healthcare, the bill will also prevent employers from taking any adverse actions against any healthcare provider employee who refuses to provide such care if they allege their refusal is due to ethical, moral, or religious beliefs. Thus, forcing employers to retain employees who refuse to do their jobs.


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