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Letters to the editor for Sunday, February 26, 2023

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Arrogant arbiters of ‘freedom’

A group of arrogant citizens, supporters of the so-called Medical Freedom Sub-Committee of the Collier County Republican Party Executive Committee, took it on themselves to deny medical information to poor Immokalee migrant workers. Seems that the group didn’t want the workers to receive the benefit of a $1.2 million grant from the CDC, at no cost to Collier County citizens,. As reported in The New-Press on Feb. 19 and other news sources, the grant money had to go through the Collier County government and was to be distributed to the 40-year-old Immokalee based Healthcare Network, to be used 95% for “primary care education” and 5% for “COVID-19 education.”

The news article said the Immokalee community had complained that Gov. DeSantis “was ignoring the poor farmworkers community, where the (COVID) virus was spreading.” So the CDC grant money was intended help the workers and their families. But the so-called medical freedom group, one of whom admitted she was from San Diego, felt it had the right compel the county to deny the freedom of poor impoverished workers to receive medical information the Immokalee community had requested. The reason given by the protesters was that COVID vaccines were “evil.” So the county commissioners marched in step with the protesters and voted to cancel the grant and even refund $167,000 that had already been spent, back to the CDC.


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