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Only 16% of Healthcare Organizations are Successfully Using Data to Define Clinical Best Practices, Survey Finds

Vast majority of healthcare organizations lack adequate resources to meet growing demand for knowledge work in performance improvement

BEER-SHEVA, Israel, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Most healthcare organizations are struggling to leverage data to define clinical best practices, according to a new survey by MDClone, a leading data analytics and synthetic data company. Only 16% of the health leaders participating in the survey rated their organizations’ performance above “neutral.”

Additionally, while nearly all respondents (96%) expect an increase in the next three years of data-driven knowledge projects that require data access, most healthcare organizations are not prepared today for this surge in demand. For example, only 36% expect budget allocation increases for quality and performance improvement during that timeframe, and 80% do not have enough analyst resources to meet the growing demand for knowledge work in performance improvement.

The survey also revealed that completing quality improvement projects from start to implementation is a slow process for most healthcare organizations, with over half (58%) saying the process averages six months or longer, including 29% who reported that the process takes a year or longer.

“While most leading healthcare organizations are sitting on mountains of valuable patient data, they face significant challenges in harnessing the power of that data to improve care quality, often due to complexity in analysis and important patient-privacy restrictions,” said Josh Rubel, CCO, MDClone. “MDClone’s ADAMS Platform with embedded synthetic functions solves many of these problems by empowering clinicians and quality teams with straightforward data extraction and modeling tools and native privacy preservation to explore novel questions and deliver new insights that accelerate quality improvement projects.”

The survey results come from a poll of 30+ healthcare leaders in early April at a quality and performance improvement roundtable hosted by MDClone at Becker’s Hospital Review‘s annual meeting.

MDClone’s ADAMS Platform includes innovative synthetic data publishing capabilities that further enhance the protection of patient privacy. This unique technology enables any user of a healthcare organization to organize, access, and protect the privacy of patient data, empowering healthcare workers to rapidly transform ideas into actionable insights and take action.

To learn more about how MDClone can help your organization better leverage its data to improve clinical performance, please visit www.mdclone.com

About MDClone
MDClone offers an innovative, self-service data analytics environment powering exploration, discovery, and collaboration throughout healthcare ecosystems around the world. The powerful underlying workflow and synthetic infrastructure of the MDClone ADAMS Platform allows users to overcome common barriers in healthcare in order to organize, access, and protect the privacy of patient data while accelerating research, improving operations and quality, and driving innovation to deliver better patient outcomes. Founded in Israel in 2016, MDClone serves major health systems, payers, and life science customers in the United States, Canada, and Israel. Visit mdclone.com for more information.

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