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Mandatory Reporting of Emissions to Achieve Net-Zero Health Care

Currently, HCO reporting of greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States (outside of federal systems) is voluntary. Health care systems have no universally accepted, standardized greenhouse-gas measures, reporting, or management systems,…

Ontario chief medical officer issues reporting order on monkeypox cases

Ontario’s top public health official issued an order to healthcare providers requiring them to report any possible or suspected cases of monkeypox to local authorities. In a copy of the…

Reporting guideline for the early-stage clinical evaluation of decision support systems driven by artificial intelligence: DECIDE-AI

The DECIDE-AI guideline is the result of an international consensus process involving a diverse group of experts spanning a wide range of professional backgrounds and experience. The level of interest…

Provider relief funding reporting, maternal health care & more with Todd Askew | AMA Moving Medicine Video

AMA’s Moving Medicine video series amplifies physician voices and highlights developments and achievements throughout medicine. Featured topic and speakers Featured topic and speakers In today’s episode of Moving Medicine, AMA…